Our story

The First Consultancy is a company founded in 1998, by Diógenes Viegas Dalle Lucca and Roberto Zapotoczny Costa based in the experience accumulated in Intelligence Services in the Protection of People, both of the private and government environment. Our experience enables us to organize the following services:

  • Protection of People in their daily routines. We have experience in protecting executives, their spouses and children, of all ages.

  • Protection of Executives in international or national trips. From the reception at airports, trips around the city, protection in the places of stay, use of teams specially selected for the event, armored vehicles, secure communication services, among other procedures.

  • Crisis Management. We have extensive experience in managing emergency situations. We have developed a methodology of Contention and Isolation for the first moments, the most critical, and we proceed with the service according to the specificity of the case.

  • Property Security Projects. Risk analysis and adjustments in: 1) Physical and Electronic Security, 2) Human Resources, 3) Administrative and Operational Processes and Procedures and 4) Intelligence.

  • Complementary services, by specialized partners and accredited by The First Consultancy, such as: suppliers of various inputs (radio communication, metal detectors, armored vehicles, vehicles for escort, mobile telephony, etc.); medical service (ambulance and mobile ICU), applied psychology (both in processes of admission of personnel and care during and after critical events); corporate investigations; technical training.

Other activities in which we participate

  • We are professors and lecturers in graduate courses at FIA

  • We were international lectures at the Comillas Pontifical University of Madrid (Spain), during the UPCO agreement with BIIN Latin America.

  • We are active members of the main entities of the corporate security segment: OSAC - Overseas Security Advisory Council; ABSEG - Brazilian Association of Corporate Security Professionals; ASIS - American Society for Industrial Security; FIESP/DESEG - Department of Security in Industry.

  • We are guest speakers in the main congresses and seminars, both in Public Security and Private Security, in events in several states of Brazil and some abroad.

  • We are renowned instructors of courses in Defensive and Evasive Direction.

  • We are articulators of some specialized media in the corporate security segment.

  • We have connectivity with intelligence services (public and private security) nationally and internationally.

  • We are part of a group of security specialists considered sources of information for the media in general, we have participated in dozens of articles in newspapers, magazines and television

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Roberto Zapotoczny  Coast

Director of COMDEFESA- Defense and Security Department of FIESP. Master in Education, Administration and Communication. Technologist in Ostensive Police and Public Order Preservation. Graduated in Business Administration. Postgraduate in Politics and Strategies (USP). MBA in Business Management. Security Administration Specialist (Comillas University of Madrid). Has courses at the ESG - Superior School of War. Security and Crisis Management Specialist (Israel). Police Intelligence Specialist (EUA). As a military police officer, he served in the Intelligence Service and Executive Protection of the Government of the State of São Paulo. Created and coordinated the top pioneer course “Business and Property Security Management'' and the “MBA Strategic Business Security Management'' course, from Anhembi Morumbi University. Instructor of Evasive Driving courses for BMW, Audi and Mitsubishi.  Master Practitioner in NLP- Neuro-linguistic Programming. Collaborates with several reports on urban violence in television stations, newspapers and magazines. Author of books: “Gerenciamento de Crises em Segurança Empresarial e Sequestros'' (2008) and  “Security is a lifestyle” (2016).

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Diogenes  Lucca

Veteran Lieutenant Colonel of the Military Police, specialist in Crisis Management and Negotiation with extensive operational experience in the eleven years he served in GATE - Group of Special Tactical Actions of the Military Police, at the time still known as Captain Lucca. He stood out in the area for never having lost a hostage in the operations he commanded and stood out in the famous occurrence as a negotiator in the Sílvio Santos case. Bachelor in Law. Postgraduate in Politics and Strategy (USP). Master in Police Sciences of Security and Public Order by the Center for Higher Studies of the Military Police of the State of São Paulo. Specialist in people protection, having worked in the Executive Protection of Governors and also in the business area. Specialist in negotiation with courses and study visits in Argentina, Belgium, Italy, USA, India, Israel and Spain. Columnist at Security Magazine and professor of Negotiation at the International MBA - FIA / USP. Instructor of the BMW Driver Training Protection course, from 2000 to 2013. Security commentator on Rede Globo and other media. Author of the books: “O Negociador” (2014), “Diário de um policial” (2016) e “Segurança é Estilo de Vida” (2016) e In-Segurança Pública – apontamentos e memórias de um comandante veterano (2018).