Our trainings are prepared with great care. We plan pedagogically, use interactive and dialogues methods, with neuro linguistic programming techniques, which reinforce teaching and learning. Excellent experiences are generated. We issue certificates of participation.

Evasive Steering

This training works at the junction of Efficient Steering (Preventive) + Defensive Steering and now with more advanced security items, such as evasive maneuvers in borderline situations, kidnappings, where technical escape behaviors and procedures are required. This course should be applied in a proper and controlled track, in addition to specific resources for the activity.

Crisis Management

This is a training that aims to provide participants with methodological knowledge about Crisis Management, in addition to promoting skills to conduct stress environments and decision-making during critical incident management.

We use it as a basis for our trainings:

  • BS 11.200:2014 Crisis Management -  Guidance and good practice
    ISO 22.398 Societal Security – Guidelines for exercises and testin

Safe Steering

This training works at the junction of Efficient Steering (Preventive) + Defensive Steering + Security issues. Learn about crime issues and learn how to better select routes, how to choose alternative routes, danger and security points, identify suspicious situations, anticipate threats, learn how to better observe the environment around you, learn the procedure of Safe Boarding and Safe Disembarkation, learn the importance of Anticipation over Reaction. This course can be applied in the company and using, in the practical part, ways around the company.


8:30 am to 6:00 pm



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